Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Fear Thou God

"For in the multitude of dreams and many words there are also divers vanities, but fear thou God."  Ecclesiastes 5:7.  Much of life is mere emptiness.  Multitudes spent their time and their pursuit of life in various vain ways.  While many endeavors of life are useless, the main objective for all of us is to "fear God."  Rather than seeking after the vain and empty, we must pursue God.  God should be feared because we are His creation.  We are all here because of His divine power.  Nothing is outside the possibility of God to perform.  God is without equal.  There is no other in power, love, and wisdom.  God has the might to build and to destroy.  God can cause things to rise and also to fall.  God controls the whole of nature.  Rivers flow at His command.  Stars shine because of His will.  Should not indeed such a God be feared?  Only God can save the soul.  Only God can purge the iniquity of the heart.  God knows the events of yesterday and that which shall come to pass on the morrow.  God sees all and knows all.  Such knowledge of Him should indeed cause us to revere, respect, and fear Him.

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